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naoTimes - A Fansub project tracking Bot

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This is the old blog post of naoTimes, please use the new naoTimes website that you can access here:


naoTimes is a multi-function Bot with the main language of Indonesian that took inspiration from Aquarius Bot that are used in GJM and DDY Discord.

This bot is created at March 21, 2019 because me being bored in my family places, so I decide to just open my laptop that I bring and start writing ideas on how the main feature should work.

This bot has evolved through many iteration and the I'm happy with the current version :)


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naoTimesUI is a WebUI that the user/server admin can use to configure Showtimes feature from the interwebs.

The website itself support:

  • Made with Next.JS
  • šŸ“ŗ Add new projects
  • šŸ‘€ See all projects in nice design
  • šŸ“ˆ Statistics
  • āœ Change episode status easily
  • šŸ‘Æā€ā™‚ļø Change staff on a project (Still need to get Discord User ID)
  • āœØ An embed of your ongoing project on your own website (Check Settings)
  • šŸ’¬ Change the #announcement channel for project
  • šŸŽ© Add/Remove Showtimes Admin for your Server
  • šŸ…± Change project aliases
  • šŸ’„ Remove your server by yourself (Check Settings)
  • šŸ“° Configure FansubRSS (RSS feature)

With the public release of this website, now people can register for the Showtimes feature easily without needing to ask me.
You can access it now here: naoTimesUI (


You can invite the Bot with this URL:

Do note, that this Bot (and naoTimesUI) is in Indonesian.
I recommend using Aquarius/Deschtimes if you're speaking English.

Source Code

naoTimes is open-sourced!
You can run it yourself, but I probably can't help you if you're having trouble setting it up :)