Episode 05 - Drama CD

Cover art
Arigatou Gensokyo
Thank you, Gensokyo

Houshou Marine (CV. Houshou Marine)



Marine: Uhh... Ahh... Ow...
Marine: Huh? It doesn't hurt.
Marine: My body seems fine.
Marine: My stream has stopped on the ending screen.
Marine: When is it?
Marine: After I got hit by the truck?
Marine: But there's not a scratch on me...
Marine: Uh... What was that?
Marine: A dream? Really?
Marine: I don't know... I just don't know!
Marine: Uh...? This is... clover?
Marine: What is this weed doing here?
Marine: Huh? A weed? That amazing clover from the bamboo forest!
Marine: All the leaves have fallen off.
Marine: The power to grant luck...
Marine: Does this mean I used it all up?
Marine: Huuuuuh!?

End of Episode 05 and Drama CD.