Episode 04 - Drama CD

Cover art
Shuku, Gensokyo Tokusetsu Haishin Room Yori Hatsu Haishin!
Celebration! First Broadcast from Gensokyo's New Streaming Room!

Houshou Marine (CV. Houshou Marine)
Saigyouji Yuyuko (CV. Shirogane Noel)
Yakumo Yukari (CV. Shiranui Flare)
Yakumo Ran (CV. Shirakami Fubuki)
Kirisame Marisa (CV. Shirakami Fubuki)





Taken to Hakurei Shrine by Marisa, Marisa encounters Yuyuko, who has sensed a disturbance in Gensokyo.
According to Yukari, Marine's transportation to Gensokyo involved the crossing of boundaries that should never
be crossed - a highly irregular occurence.
It seems this spells grave danger for Gensokyo.

To put things right, Yukari's plan it replicate the circumstances of Marine's transportation.
In other words, she wants Marine to get hit by a truck while live streaming in Gensokyo.


Marine: Ah... This is...
Marine: Suddenly I'm in a Japanese-style room.
Marine: What is this? I was at Scarlet Devil Mansion a minute ago.
???: Ah, you're awake?
???: This is Hakurei Shrine.
Marine: Was I drugged? Oh, wait...
???: Yes, you came here with Marisa.
???: It seems you were rather tired.
???: Ah, I made tea, so please...
Marine: Ah, thank you so much.

Marine: Ah, it's so good.... Huh? This must be some top-notch tea.
???: You can tell? The Yakumo family is very particular about tea.
Marine: The Yakumo family?
Marine: Ah, I see. I get it now.
Marine: Those fluffy cat ears.
???: Not cat! Fox!!
Marine: Ah, that's right. You're Ran, aren't you?
Marine: Sorry, I was half asleep. I know who you are.
Yuyuko: Oh, you're awake?
Marine: Ah! That pink bob hairstyle... Can it be...
Yuyuko: Yes, I'm Saigyouji Yuyuko.
Yuyuko: Just as Yukari said, you catch on quick. It's helpful.
Marine: Ahh... You're just as pretty in person.
Marine: Ah, no. This isn't the time to be fangirling.
Marine: Um... I think...
Yuyuko: We've been waiting for you. Let's go together.

Chapter 04
- Celebration! First Broadcast from Gensokyo's New Streaming Room! -

Yukari: Nice to meet you, Houshou Marine.
Yukari: I wonder how you're finding Gensokyo.
Marine: Ahh! Mistress Yukari! Mistress Yukari!!
Yukari: Um, are you okay?
Marine: Yes! Uh, sorry! Mistress Yukari is just so beautiful...
Yuyuko: Hmm... It seems you're popular.
Yukari: Let's move on.
Yukari: As you know, I'm Yakumo Yukari. I manage the boundaries of Gensokyo.
Yukari: Through Marisa, I've heard about what has befallen you.
Yukari: Such misfortune... I offer my sympathies.
Marine: Ah, no, really— I mean, I...
Yukari: Your desire now is, perhaps, to find a way back to your world, am I right?
Marine: Yes, it is! I...
Yukari: Yes?
Marine: The thing is, now it's night, and dark outside.
Marine: I suddenly think about live streaming.
Marine: Gensokyo does seems like fun, if I don't get back, I think everyone back home will be worried.
Yuyuko: Indeed.

Yukari: To skip to the conclusion, A method of returning you to your world is beyond me.
Marine: Huh!?
Yukari: From what I've heard from Marisa, what you call your own world is different to what we in Gensokyo often refer to as the "Outside World".
Yukari: That is my guess, at any rate.
Marine: Um... What does that mean?
Yuyuko: This assumption is based on your knowledge of Gensokyo.
Yuyuko: People from the Outside World are unable to look into Gensokyo as you are.
Yukari: Castaways and invaders from outside are not that uncommon in Gensokyo.
Yukari: But your case... To be frank, this matter involves interfering with borders that shouldn't be messed with.
Marine: Uh... uhh...
Yukari: I don't even know the cause.
Yukari: One possibility is that your longing for Gensokyo was so extreme, your will somehow affect reality.
Yukari: Of course, that kind of thing is usually impossible.
Marine: Wh-What!?
Marine: You mean I can't go home!?
Marine: No! Gensokyo is nice and all, but this is awful!
Yuyuko: Calm down, Marine.
Yuyuko: In any case, it's necessary for Gensokyo too, that we try to return you to your own world.
Yukari: That's right. The truth is, strange things are happening noww in Gensokyo.
Marine: Strange things? You mean like an accident?
Yukari: Since you arrived in Gensokyo this morning, all sign of Reimu disappeared from Gensokyo.
Yukari: It's almost as if you swapped places...
Yuyuko: The loss of the shrine maiden will have a major impact on Gensokyo's survival.
Yuyuko: This incident requires urgent attention.
Marine: E-Exactly! Huh? You mean...
Yukari: As far as we know, you are the only one who has a potential causal relationship to this incident.
Yukari: I would like to explain in detail just what you were doing in your own world.
Marine: Um... How do you mean?
Yukari: This is my thinking: If we can replicate the circumstances that led you here, you can return to your own world, and that which Gensokyo has lost, will be returned here.
Yukari: Which means...
Yuyuko: We want you to get hit by a truck while streaming from your room.
Marine: Huh!?

Yuyuko: Does this look okay for your room, Marine?
Yuyuko: I tried to make it as close to your description as possible, but...
Marine: Wait wait wait...
Marine: This isn't so much a room as it is half a room, like a movie set.
Marine: The computer is just an empty box that's the same size.
Yuyuko: It was a rush job, sorry.
Yuyuko: And there's not much furniture.
Marine: That's not my point! Listen to me!
Yukari: Marine, please look this way and try speaking.
Marine: Ehh... Ah~ Ah~
Marine: What is this? My voice is echoing. Is this a mic?
Yukari: This is a spell that delivers your voice to every corner of Gensokyo.
Marine: What are you doing!? You're really going to make me stream here?
Yukari: I want to closely recreate the circumstances.
Yukari: I'm counting on you.
Marine: Don't act like you know everything!

Marisa: Hey, Marine! Sorry for the wait! I've got the truck ready!
Marine: For goodness sake...! This is the thing I was least waiting for.
Marine: How is this the only real thing here?
Yukari: This is tonight's top prize.
Yukari: We stole one from the Outside World.
Marine: Why did you do that!?
Marine: Uh, how do you plan to drive it!?
Marisa: The truck will move through my magic.
Marisa: After all, the engine is...
Marine: You're going to say "the engine is all about firepower", right?
Marisa: Uh... Well...
Marine: Don't look like I stole your thunder! At least finish saying it!
Yuyuko: Phew, Marine. With this, preparations are complete.
Yuyuko: You are now free to stream.
Yukari: We can't do it precisely, but it looks like we can start at about the same time.
Yukari: For now... Let's roll the dice on this chance.
Marine: Wait a second!!
Marine: Um... You see...
Marine: It's true that I said I was streaming at home, when a truck suddenly crashed into me, and when I woke up I was in Gensokyo. But...
Marine: But if we re-enact that, have me stream from my room, then hit me with a truck will I really be able to get back to my own world!?
Marine: Will Reimu really come back!?
Marine: Are you taking this seriously!?
Yukari: It's a ridiculous set-up, I'll grant you.
Marine: So you agree!?
Yukari: Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can try.
Yukari: The truth behind this incident is rather unclear.
Marine: Ugh... I'm being pressured by that seductive androgynous voice.
Yukari: We must bet on your luck and on destiny.
Marine: Ah...
Yukari: Well?
Marine: O-Okay... I'll do my best.
Yuyuko: Alright, it's about time to start. Please stand back. Alright.
Marine: One last thing... I don't really want to think about it, but if this fails, what happens?
Yukari: Then, of course, it would be Yuyuko's turn.
Yuyuko: I'll take care of you once you're dead, okay?
Yuyuko: I'll put in a good word for you on the other side.
Marine: No! This is too far removed from common sense! This is crazy!

Marisa: Come now, there's no need to cry.
Marine: Huh?
Marisa: In your world, your pirates are waiting for you, right?
Marisa: This is a place where the forgotten wash up.
Marisa: A popular girl like you with fans waiting for you can't stay here in Gensokyo for long.
Marine: Marisa...
Marisa: Besides, if you're lucky, you can come back some time!
Marisa: So for now, it's time to go home, right?
Marine: You're right, okay...
Marine: Yes. Thank you.
Marine: If we succeed, Reimu might come back, too.
Marine: The future of Gensokyo depends on this live stream.
Marine: My beloved world of Touhou!
Marine: Got it! Let's do this!

Yukari: It's time.
Yukari: Right. Please begin.
Marine: Ah, okay.
Marine: Nothing else for it...
Marine: Alright... Time to put it all on the line.

Marine: Testing... Can you hear me? Ahoy!
Marine: This is Houshou Marine of the Houshou Pirates!
Marine: Today, if you can believe it, I'm broadcasting from here in Gensokyo.
Marine: Unfortunately, in a bit, I have to get hit by a truck.
Marine: It's been crazy.
Marine: Well... Yeah, today, seriously so much crazy stuff's happened.
Marine: Well, even by saying I came to Gensokyo some people will think I'm lying.
Marine: But it's true! It's for real!
Marine: I got to meet my favorite Touhou characters for real...
Marisa: Hahaha! She sounds like she's enjoying chatting.
Yuyuko: A world where people can celebrate the things they love...
Yuyuko: It might be that girl comes from such a world as that.
Yukari: For Gensokyo to open a gateway for her, it must be a good place.
Yukari: Well then. Marisa! Now's the time!

Marisa: The Hakkero engine is in good shape!
Marisa: Alright! Here I go!
Marisa: Master Truck!


End of Chapter 04