Episode 02 - Drama CD

Cover art
San Majouteirei Meeting Kaijou wa Kochira
This Way to the Regular Three-Witch Meeting

Houshou Marine (CV. Houshou Marine)
Reisen Udongein Inaba (CV. Sakura Miko)
Alice Margatroid (CV. Murasaki Shion)
Kirisame Marisa (CV. Shirakami Fubuki)
Patchouli Knowledge (CV. Uruha Rushia)




Marine, having been guided to the Human Village, is handed over to the care of Alice, who has some understanding of humans.
As Marine has nowhere to go, Alice, thinking leaving her with a human is for the best, takes her to Kirisame Magic Shop.
With Patche visiting at the time, Marine happens to be there for a meeting of three witches.


Marine: So this is Gensokyo's Human Village!
Marine: This place shows up all the time in doujinshi. It's pretty bustling!
Udonge: How does the Human Village here compare to your world?
Marine: A lot of people live in my world.
Marine: Science and technology are pretty advanced, too.
Marine: But the architecture here is so retro. It's totally my thing.
Udonge: Well, I'm glad you like it...
Udonge: Okay, here we are.
Marine: Gensokyo... Cafe?
Marine: Huh? We were headed here? Are we here to have tea?
Udonge: ... Not exactly. Ah good, she's here!
Udonge: Hey!
Marine: That lady... Can it be!?
Marine: Alice Margatroid!
Alice: Hmm? Me?

Chapter 02
- This Way to the Regular Three-Witch Meeting -

Marine: Yeah, I didn't know what I was gonna do for a while there, but if Alice is here, then I can relax.
Alice: Really? I'm so glad.
Alice: Well, I certainly never expected to pick up a burden like this at afternoon tea time.
Marine: Please don't call me a burden.
Marine: But you really helped me out by picking me up.
Marine: Are you always at that cafe? So you're a city girl, really?
Alice: That kind of information made it through to your world?
Marine: Of course, we know it all!
Marine: I got into Touhou with Perfect Cherry Blossom...
Alice: What... are you talking about?
Marine: Ah, so the titles mean nothing to you...
Marine: Um... Never mind, I just love everyone from Gensokyo!
Marine: So no worries on that front. Yup.
Alice: Oh, really? Well, okay...
Alice: Okay, we're here.
Marine: Huh? This is...

Alice: Marisa? I'm coming in.
Marisa: Alright!
Marisa: Welcome! Oh, it's you, Alice. Well, take your time and...
Patchouli: Oh. How unexpected.
Alice: Patchouli? I could say the same for you.
Alice: Meeting in a dusty place like this...
Patchouli: I can't deny it.
Patchouli: I only come here when I have...
Marisa: Honestly, squabbling right after meeting. Are you guys friends or not?
Alice, Patchouli: Huh? Friends?
Marisa: By the way, who is that girl behind you? A human?
Marisa: She sure is dressed weird.
Marine: Can I have this?
Marisa: Hey, hey. I don't know who you are, but only thieves carry off other people's stuff without permission.
Alice, Patchouli: She's one to talk.

Marine: Ahoy! Hololive 3rd Generation, Captain of the Houshou Pirates, Houshou Marine here!
Alice: Or, to get to the point, it seems she's kind of a weird castaway.
Marisa: Huh, that's interesting!
Marisa: So you took charge of her from Udonge, and brought her here?
Alice: This kind of special problem is sort of your territory, right?
Marisa: Hmm. There's certainly truth to that.
Marine: When I first came to, I was in a bamboo forest, and I was so worried at first, but Udonge and Alice have been so kind, and on top of that I got to meet the three witches, and I just feel so moved. I'm so grateful.
Marine: Plus we have similar names. It's so nice to meet you.
Marisa: Hmm... Being known before I even introduce myself makes mee feel a little embarrassed.
Marisa: Well whatever. Nice to meet you!
Marine: I'm so glad you're friendly!
Patchouli: Say, how much do you know about Gensokyo?
Marine: How much? Hmm...
Marine: Well, rather than Gensokyo, if we're talking about Touhou...
Marine: Let's see... The songs, the characters, the bullet hell games, the spell cards...
Marine: There's just so much!
Marisa: Songs? What's that about?
Patchouli: Bullet hell games and spell cards... Oh-ho...
Alice: By characters, do you mean personalities?
Alice: Everyone around mee is a pain in the ass.
Marisa: It's not personality thing, but... Do you know this?
Marisa: Despite Alice's appearance, she often oversleeps...
Alice: Could you not bring that up? I already apologized...
Marisa: Such important business, and you show up 2 hours late...
Alice: Lalala~! I can't hear you~!
Patchouli: (Hmm. Those two aren't thinking it through, but this is interesting. But more than that...)
Patchouli: By the way. What are you planning to do now?
Patchouli: If you came from outside, you have no family here.
Marine: Oh, you're right! I got so excited to meet you all, but... is there a way for me to return to my own world?
Marisa: That's the main issue, isn't it.
Patchouli: For this kind of thing... Reimu or Yukari would be the best people to ask.
Marisa: For the moment, shall we let Reimu take care of it? It shouldn't be dangerous.
Marine: Reimu!? I get to meet Reimu!? Reimu's really here?
Marisa: Well, she's here in this world.
Marisa: But the shrine would be far to go on foot, so how about I go get her?
Marisa: Until then. Hmm... Where should we...
Alice: We could use my house. But even if she's protected by magic, I would feel awkward leaving her so long in a magical forest.
Alice: Hmm...
Patchouli: In that case, I'll take her.
Patchouli: I'll get permission.
Alice, Marisa: Huh?
Marine: You mean... Scarlet Devil Mansion!?
Patchouli: Yes. You know it, right?
Marine: O-o-o-of course! I met you so many times on the extra stage of Scarlet Devil Mansion! That bit where...
Alice: Is this okay? She won't get nabbed and eaten?
Marisa: - That's possible...
Marine: - I'm scared! I don't want to lose a life!
Patchouli: We wouldn't do anything so conspicuous.
Patchouli: Don't treat us like a low-level youkai.
Alice: I suppose you're right. Then, I guess we can leave it to you?
Patchouli: Of course.
Patchouli: Well then, my dear. How about we have a nice long chat back at my place?
Marine: Huh!? "My dear"!?
Marine: For a moment, Patchouli became my wife...
Patchouli: Are you okay?
Marine: I don't know!
Marisa: Then everything's sorted!
Marisa: I'll go to the shrine. Alice will go... somewhere.
Marisa: PatchouMari will go sightseeing.
Marine: Sightseeing! Yes! I really want to do some Gensokyo sightseeing!
Alice: She seems to be enjoying herself.
Alice: Well, I won't stop her if she's happy.
Marisa: Marine, you'll be shocked when you see the real thing.
Marisa: It looks so out of place. It's one of Gensokyo's disappointing tourist spots!
Marine: I wanna see it more and more! I can't wait!
Patchouli: What a way to speak about someone's home.
Marine: Okay! If that's settled, time to set sail for some Gensokyo sightseeing!

End of Chapter 02