Episode 01 - Drama CD

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#MarineMeisouchuu Chikurin, Nukedaseru no Ka...!?
#MarineAstray - Can she escape this bamboo forest?

Houshou Marine (CV. Houshou Marine)
Inaba Tewi (CV. Usada Pekora)
Reisen Udongein Inaba (CV. Sakura Miko)




Marine was hit by a truck while at home and transported to a mysterious place.
In the unfamiliar bamboo forest, she sees a suspicious shadow, and is jumped by a rabbit-eared girl.
She comes to believe she has been reborn into the world of Gensokyo.


Marine: Thank you, thank you.
Marine: That was IOSYS' Touhou Arrangement, Captain...
Marine: Um.. Captain Marine's Assanchor.
Marine: Yeah, so today I thought I'd sing a lot of Touhou stuff so I had a lot prepared...
Marine: Ah, sorry guys. Wait a sec.
Marine: Today it seems like the noise from outside is kinda loud.
Marine: Wait right there. I'm going to mute the mic for a second.

Marine: This is weird. Suddenly today so many trucks are passing. The sounds' going to be picked up. What to do...

Marine: I'm back! Sorry for the wait.
Marine: For some reason, a lot of trucks are passing outside today.
Marine: Well, I'm probably not going to get hit by one and get reborn into another world, like a light novel.
Marine: Okay, right. So the next song is... I guess I'll sing this...

Marine: Oh yeah.. That's right.
Marine: At today's song event I sang Assanchor, then when I looked outside, suddenly a truck crashed into my place!
Marine: There was a huge impact, and when I woke up, I was.. here.
Marine: Waaah! They're just leaves...
Marine: I can't stand it here. It's scary...
???: Hehehe... You don't have to act so scared.
Marine: Ahh!

Chapter 01 - #MarineAstray
- Can she escape this bamboo forest? -

???: It's only natural for a human to get lost here.
???: This is the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, after all.
Marine: Bamboo Forest of the Lost? Here?
???: It's for times like this that we are here.
Marine: Waaah!

Marine: What the...? A bunny-eared... cosplay girl?
???: I'm so glad you're fun to startle.
???: I was in a bad mood, and was hoping a lost human might show up to lift my spirits.
Marine: Huh? What the hell are you? A deviant?
???: I'm not a rabbit of much renown, but I'm in charge of these parts.
Marine: A bunny-eared cosplay girl in Bamboo Forest of the Lost...
Marine: Wha- wha- what's going on here?
???: Hmm... You're kind of a yound girl, so if I get you to the village, maybe I can make some money.
Marine: What? Don't give me that cute face while you're thinking nasty thoughts!
???: This kind of prank isn't a big deal.
???: Besides, I'll take you out of the forest.
Marine: - I'm going to get tricked by a cosplayer!
???: - Not so loud! Keep your voice down!
Marine: - Help me! Anyone, please help me!
????: Really. I did warn you.
Marine: Who's that? A passerby?
???: Her again?
????: Are you okay? You've not been tricked or teased, have you?
Marine: I'm alright. Thank you so much!
Marine: Thanks to you, I'm sav-... Those ears!
????: Yes? These ears? It's okay.
????: I came here to catch this rabbit.
Marine: That blazer... That long hair...
Marine: Udonge and Inaba Tewi!

Tewi, Udonge: Reborn in another world?
Tewi: You?
Marine: That's the only explanation...
Marine: Udonge and Tewi, the stage 5 bosses from "Imperishable Night".
Tewi: What does "reborn in another world" mean?
Marine: You don't even know what it means!?
Marine: In other words, from my world, I...
Marine: Um... got transported to Gensokyo? Well, it's not like I understand it either.
Tewi: Ah. Happens all the time.
Marine: No, it doesn't! Not in my world, anyway!
Udonge: No... Actually, things drift into Gensokyo from other worlds all the time.
Marine: For real?
Udonge: Still, it's not that common for humans to show up.
Udonge: You must've been worried.
Udonge: As long as I'm here, you're safe.
Marine: Thank you!
Marine: You're not just there for fan service! I like you for you!
Tewi: Hold on. I found her first. Isn't this girl mine to look after?
Udonge: Enough of that. Don't act like some feral youkai.
Tewi: Don't order me around!
Tewi: We're enemies, after all.
Marine: Huh? Enemies?
Udonge: Are you still going on about that? Honestly...
Marine: I thought the two of you were kind of a double-act, but...
Marine: You don't get along?
Udonge: - I don't know about that, but...
Tewi: - She's the worst!
Marine: Could you not both speak at once?

Marine: So, to summarise...
Udonge: I received a lot of good carrots, so I thought I'd make her something nice.
Marine: So you made baked sweats with carrot in them.
Tewi: Can you believe her?
Tewi: Putting precious carrots in something like that.
Udonge: I heard they're popular with the humans in the village, and so I made some for her.
Udonge: And this is her attitude?
Marine: You mean like carrot cake? That's normal.
Tewi: Give me a break. I was so hungry I thought I'd starve, and she puts carrots, precious carrots, into cakes.
Tewi: It's carrot desecration!
Marine: So when I asked about you not getting along, that was the reason?
Marine: - What's that about? How cute!
Tewi: - How long do you thing we've been rabbits?
Udonge: You don't have to get so mad about it. Complaining from dawn...
Udonge: Finally storming out of Eientei...
Marine: Hahahaha! How childish!
Tewi: Don't call me childish! I'm older than you!
Udonge: But I apologized, didn't I?
Udonge: And I said I wouldn't make them anymore...
Tewi: I was just so hurt, and so hungry. Starving...
Marine: Even so, Udonge gave an honest apology.
Marine: "Honestly"... Oh yeah! The start of "Happy Rabbits"!

Marine: In the world I came from there's a song about your friendship, even through your quarrels and misbehavior.
Udonge, Tewi: Friends? Us?
Marine: Don't give me that look.
Marine: It's a lovely duet, you know. Though one vocalist's an old guy.
Tewi: Which one's the old man?
Marine: Huh? Which one was it...?
Udonge: I have no idea...
Marine: Judging by the lyrics...
Marine: It's probably you.
Udonge: Me!?
Tewi: They know you so well.
Marine: But anyway...
Marine: You're such a cute pair, so instead of fighting, let's see you get along.
Marine: It'll help move things along.
Udonge: Hey, why don't you say something?
Tewi: Hmph, this is bumming me out.
Tewi: My anger's gone and vanished.
Marine: That's perfect. Good girl!

Tewi: Enough. I'll overlook today, so hurry along back home.
Tewi: Don't waste this good fortune.
Marine: Huh? You're leaving? Wait!
Udonge: That's just like her.
Udonge: Now, at at time like this...
Marine: Huh? What is it?
Udonge: Ah, there's one. Here!
Marine: This is... a four-leafed clover!
Marine: No, five, six, even more? Huh?
Udonge: Her ability is to confer good luck to humans.
Udonge: If you have this, good things will happen to you.
Udonge: First off, I'll take you to safety of the Human Village.
Marine: Ah, I'm so glad. Thank you! I'm counting on you!

End of Chapter 01