Episode 00 - Drama CD

Cover art
Roujin-kai Hitchou Inishie no Touhou Arenji Shibari Utawaku
For the Old-timers - Singing Old Touhou Arrangements

Houshou Marine (CV. Houshou Marine)




One evening, Marine wakes up in an enigmatic bamboo forest.
The dense, unending bamboo, the scenery that doesn't change no matter how far she walks...
Overcome by exhaustion and fear, Marine finds herself at her wit's end, with no respite in sight.


Marine: I'm exhausted... I can't walk anymore.
Marine: Ah! What is this place?
Marine: Time for a rest.
Marine: It's been hours, but no matter how far I walk, all I see is bamboo.
Marine: Everywhere looks the same.
Marine: I feel like I'm walking in circles.
Marine: Plus it's gloomy and creepy. Why is it so...

Marine: Wha- wha- what was that?
Marine: A person? An animal?
Marine: I'm so thirsty... and hungry.
Marine: How did things turn out like this?
Marine: Tonight is... the live stream and... That's right! The song!
Marine: Yes, I started singing some Touhou, and just after...

Marine: Ouch...
Marine: Darnit! All I did was stream from home!
Marine: Why did things have to turn out this way!?

End of Chapter 00