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Encoding: Memeresolution

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Memeres or not your fansub release in 2018+3

Encoding: Memeres or not

Tools that you need:

  • Brain to calm down your autism
  • A computer
  • Python 3
  • Getnative script that you can find here

Memeres, you might heard it or not, It's a weird concept by fansubbers nowadays.

Memeres or not-your-usual-video-resolution usually 810p, 864p, 878p, 900p are now used by some random encoders and fansub.

Anime that you see at 1080p are not really a 1080p anime (Except some newest Kyoto Animation since 2016/2017 I think that natively produced at 1080p) are actually produced in some weird resolution, sometimes they're 720p but that's are old now, they're using some weird resolution like I mentioned earlier.

Some anime are actually upscaled using some kernel, usually Bicubic (b=1/3, c=1/3) that's good enough if Crunchyroll or other simulcast doesn't fuck up the upscaled video or the studio screwing things here and there.

The process to find a Native resolution is using some script called getnative (a python script) that will try to descale the image provided to get "a close enough" native resolution.


Lossless Screenshot Mask (837p) Result Graph

You can also grab the .txt result here

As you can see on the right image, there some spike drop around 873p and 1079p, indicating that's probably the native resolution for this Anime (Eromanga Sensei OVA).

You can also find the native resolution of anime in anibin. It probably correct probably wrong, who knows.

As you can see again, 873p are not-your-regular resolution and releasing them in this resolution are way too stupid, so you might wanted to reupscale it again to 1080p or closest one that is 900p.

Or you can descale/resize it again anyway to 720p.

Bye! Next thing that I will post maybe about descaling anime to original resolution.